January 20, 2022


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Trending short hairstyles | Benoni City Times

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Most people are familiar with the infamous ‘pandemic haircut,’ where many people across the globe shaved their hair off in favour of shorter and easy-to-manage hairstyles. It seems as though the shift to shorter hairstyles is still being embraced and remains trendy in 2021. Whether you’re looking to trim your tresses or trying a new short hairstyle, have a look at these top haircuts below for hair inspiration.    

1.Pixie cuts are a classic haircut


The pixie haircut is timeless and will probably never cease to be trendy. They’re great if you want to accentuate your facial features, easy to manage and will reduce the amount of time you spend doing your hair on a daily basis.  

2.Get a short brush cut


A brush cut leaves you with closely shaved sides with longer hair at the top of your head. It’s a great way to accentuate your cheekbones and you’ll probably spend less than 5 minutes a day doing your hair because the only thing you’ll need to do to get ready is moisturise your hair and brush it.  

3.Cut your afro shorter


If you want shorter hair but would still like something to work with, consider trimming down your afro instead of a drastic cut. That way, you can still do protective styling such as braids, faux locs, twists, and more, as your hair will be long enough to hold the styles.  

You can kick it up a notch by changing your look even further by dyeing your freshly cut hair afro. Auburn brown, red, and ginger are just some of the striking colour suggestions that you should consider.  

4.You can never go wrong with a bob


Bobs are a classy and timeless hairstyle that look good on both straight and curly hair. Whether you’re just looking at cutting it above the shoulder, under the chin or want to try something more edgy like an asymmetrical cut, the bob is a very versatile hairstyle that you can have fun playing around with.  

5.Cut your hair into a bob with a fringe


You can cut your hair into an ear-length bob with a fringe. It’s fashionable and it’s a great look if you’re daring enough to try a fringe and looking for an exciting change to your appearance.    

6.Spice your bob up with a pop of colour


Are you feeling daring? Try to spice up your bob with a pop of colour. Red is a great colour for a bob. It’s chic and will make you easily stand out in every room you’re in. If you’re unsure about what colour to choose, remember the rule of thumb is to stick within two shades of your natural hair colour for the best results.  

7.Shave it all off if you’re brave


If you’re looking for a complete change, consider going bald, or chiskop as it’s known in South Africa.   There’s a misconception in society that having no hair as a woman makes you masculine, but there’s something very empowering about being able to let go of societal conceptions of femininity to embrace who you truly are.  

8.Stay hip with a high top fade


Cut your afro into a high top fade and channel the 90s with this famous hairstyle. You can also dye your hair to make the look more stylish.  

If you’re looking to alter your appearance, consider cutting, styling and colouring your hair into any one of the trending hairstyles above.