July 29, 2021


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Yay or Nay? ARMY reacts to ‘EMO’ look in BTS’ new MV

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The much awaited track ‘Permission to Dance’ by BTS is finally out and fans aren’t able to stop talking about Jungkook’s hair! 

The Korea band’s new single in collaboration with Ed Sheeran debuted today, July 8. While fans are loving the Bangtan boys’ dance moves, Jungkook’s hair has left ARMY divided!

Jungkook’s hairstyle in the new MV explored! 

BTS’ Jungkook has sported many hairstyles over the years. Be it a long hair, parted clean or the iconic long perm, the singer has rocked every single of them. 

In the latest video, he is seen carrying short straight hair, which fans have dubbed as “EMO”. Many of them have noted that they could barely see his face as the fringes covered the majority of his face. Soon ‘Jungkook EMO hair’ started trending on Twitter as more and more started sharing his pictures from Permission to Dance video. 

Fans are divided over the singer’s new look!

As always, ARMY quickly took to Twitter to discuss Jungkook’s new hairdo with varied reactions. While some have given it a thumbs-up stating how they absolutely love the look on him, others have joked about the same. One fan even said how they thought the extension of hair falling on Jungkook’s hair to be an eye-patch! 

The tweet read, “ngl at first i thought jungkook was wearing an eye patch going for the pirate look, but it was just his hair.”

Reacting to Jungkook’s hair another added, “honestly i watched the mv but processed none of it because i kept thinking about how jungkook has pete wentz hair”

Another fan who is love with Jungkook’s hair tweeted, “Yall gon leave my baby Jungkook alone. He looked cute with his hair. Having his lil emo cowboy moment. I’m here for it”

Adding to the above tweet, another said, “Jungkook’s hair is bring me back to my emo high school hair and I’m absolutely and utterly in love”

Bangtan Boys’ new MV explored!

BTS released it’s new song ‘Permission to Dance’ on the occasion of ARMY day along with the CD version of their hit song Butter.

The video sees the Bangtan boys dancing in the desert, imagining life in a lockdown. The song begins with the BTS member flying a purple balloon, signifying the end of the pandemic.

The singers are all dressed in cowboy attire, completely different from the outfits they have worn in the previous songs. The music video for Permission has already garnered over 13 million views on YouTube and counting!

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Permission to Dance’ Official Teaser



BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Permission to Dance’ Official Teaser





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