May 25, 2022


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Yes, Dolly Parton Does Her Own Antique and Vintage Shopping and She Has Some Tips

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Earlier this summer it came to our attention that there were several Dolly Parton sightings at antique and vintage shops in the Nashville area. As WKRN reported, Parton was spotted at several spots including Three French Hens in Nolensville. Owner Stacey Harris-Fish told the local news outlet, “I’m a Nashville native and I’ve had the opportunity to meet several of our entertainers over the years, including Dolly coming to our store several years ago. She is absolutely the most kind person that as she is on stage she is in person, very friendly very caring— very, very genuine.”

Dolly Parton Next to Floral Arrangement

Dolly Parton Next to Floral Arrangement

Getty Images / Staff

The Smoky Mountain Songbird was also seen in Simply Vintage Antiques in Mt. Juliet that same week, WKRN reported. Now, what exactly was Parton bargain hunting for in the antique shops? Well, when we spoke to her about the launch of her new perfume, Scent from Above, we just had to ask her!

“I’ve been out looking for some things for my husband,” she said, noting that she was looking ahead of his birthday last month.

“I was fixing a fun little garden for him. Not a flower garden, vegetable garden, although he has that. But I was just wanting to find some fun little things for him that he loves like old timey trucks and that sort of thing.”

“I went to several shops and there were different people that would come in and they would see me and then they’d take a picture and then they’d go post it I guess. And so, everyone knew I was out shopping. But at least you know I’m a regular person getting out and doing regular things,” she said with a laugh.

Parton shared that she enjoys going antiquing and that you can find treasures at great prices if you know the right time of day to go. When we asked her what her strategy was, her response was no surprise to us as we know she is an early riser.

“Well the earlier you can go the better. And I’m an early person so I’m usually one of the first ones there…I’m ready to go soon as anything opens up. If there’s some public thing I need to do. Whether it’s a drug store or antique mall, I’m always the first one there when they open. Whether it’s 8:00, 7:00, or 9:00.”

If you find yourself antiquing in the Nashville area, you just might want to get an early start. You just never know who you might run into on your quest for the perfect vintage tea set.

“Well I like being able to do that when I can. Just pick up little things and piddle around. I’m just a regular girl.”